• Project: 6 Unit New Construction
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Construction Type: Residential
  • Square Footage: 10,875

Located in the heart of Boston, this project offers the perfect blend of urban convenience and contemporary design. The layout of each unit has been carefully planned to optimize space utilization and enhance functionality. Our architects have paid special attention to the flow of natural light, ensuring that each unit is bright and inviting.

In addition to the six residential units, this project features on-ground parking located in the backyard. This thoughtful inclusion provides convenient parking options for the residents while maintaining a visually appealing streetscape. Our team has taken into account the importance of urban aesthetics and has integrated the parking area seamlessly into the overall design.

The design of the residential dwelling embraces a contemporary architectural style, featuring clean lines, modern materials, and an elegant facade. The exterior design reflects the vibrant spirit of Boston while offering a harmonious blend with the surrounding neighborhood.

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