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Construction Phasing Plan

Our process begins with meeting our team to create the scope of work you wish to attain. During your meeting, you will go over construction phase activities that will help put your thoughts and ideas to paper. The process is then broken down into six construction phase services.

Phase 1: Existing Conditions

We create existing conditions architecture plans through site visits and/or existing documentation provided by the client.

Phase 2: Schematic Design

We provide architectural schematic design plans based on the client’s requirements that were discussed in your initial meeting. This phase Includes (1) revision of the schematic architectural drawings.

Phase 3: Design Development

We provide architectural building drawings based on an approved design from the schematic phase. Also, we coordinate with consultants to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural as required.

We provide 50% design development drawings based on client feedback during Phase 2. These drawings will have sufficient detail to allow general contractors to price the project.

Phase 4: Construction Documents

We provide permit/construction documents based on the final approved design (floor plans, reflective ceiling plans, exterior elevations, sections) Electrical, plumbing, fire protection/life safety, and structural design. Interior furniture/finish plans not included.

Phase 5: Construction Administration

We provide site visits to review contractor work and answer any questions/issues that arise during construction. This phase is invoked on a monthly basis.

Phase 6: Closeout

We provide a close-out package per the Client’s requirements. After this phase, the project is deemed complete.
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construction phasing plan

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