Private Residence – Entertainment Space

Jul 17, 2023

Located in the beautiful town of Wellesley, Massachusetts, this project involved the addition of a magnificent garage and entertainment space, creating a unique haven for vintage car enthusiasts and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

One of the main highlights of this project is the thoughtfully designed garage, specifically tailored to showcase and protect a collection of vintage cars. Every aspect of the garage has been meticulously planned, from the lighting to the flooring, to ensure that each car takes center stage.

Adjacent to the garage, an expansive entertainment space has been created, including a wine cellar, a stylish wet bar, fully equipped to cater to the desires of any discerning host or hostess. and operable glass walls allow for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the versatility and flexibility of the entertainment area.

This project represents the perfect synergy between functional design, luxurious aesthetics, and an unparalleled passion for creating entertainment spaces.


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