Institutional Design Architecture

Institutional Building Design

DRT maintains a vast knowledge of institutional design architecture. Our experience includes building design, campus design, and innovative classroom design. We have many years of experience with institutional design and planning. Let us draw on our have extensive experience with most premier learning institutions in the world.

From student housing to experiential learning environments, we have a deep understanding and fascination with how design plays a vital role in how people learn.

institutional design architecture

About Our Process

Our process begins with meeting our principal architect to create the scope of work you wish to attain. During your meeting, you will go over construction phase activities that will help put your thoughts and ideas to paper. The process is then broken down into six construction phase services.


Phase 1: Existing Conditions


Phase 2: Schematic Design


Phase 3: Design Development


Phase 4: Construction Documents


Phase 5: Construction Administration


Phase 6: Closeout

Contact Us

Our vision is simple…focus on your needs and get the project done on time. Let DRT bring your next project to life. Tell us how we can help you.

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